My New Home on the Internet

I have a long history of beginning blogs and never going anywhere with them. I have an extensive list of WordPress blogs, Tumblr accounts, Blogspot blogs, and more. But several years ago, I made a blog (complete with custom URL!) and stuck with it. It was great. It was my home on the internet, for all things Jenny. (Here it is for reference.)

Many things happened to keep me from updating that blog too often, and then I changed my name and no longer felt at home. So! I’ve made a new site with my new name. The old website will stick around for a while, but if you’re interested in the domain name, let me know. I’m totally up for selling it.

I do have a lot of great content over there, though, so I’ll be moving some of it over here gradually, once I can figure it out. But in the meantime, I have big plans for interesting content here. Check out all of my projects on the right, which will be gradually appearing as I flesh out the site.

And then when The Grid actually gets up and running, I’ll likely do it all over again.