Here is more detail about all of my current and some past projects.

First Person History
This is my newest project, a blog where I share primary sources, showing history from the perspective of someone who was there. First person accounts. To begin, there will be a lot of content centered around my family history.

Intelligently Adorable
Done with my good friend Ariane Coffin, we join together cute watercolor paintings (Ariane) and educational writing (me).

Geek Mom Book
Published in 2012, I am one of the co-authors of this geeky parenting book filled with projects, essays, profiles, advice, and more.

My Old Blog
I used to blog at, and will slowly be moving the best content over here.

Terminally Intelligent, with Rory
This is Rory’s blog, but sometimes I post there, too. He covers mental health issues, with a dose of humor and a bit of artistic license.

I am Copy Director over at GeekMom, where I’ve been blogging and proofreading since 2010.

I am a Core Contributor at GeekDad, where I’ve been blogging since 2009.

Around the Country in 40 Days
In 2011, the kids and I took a 40 day trip around the country. I took gobs of photos and blogged about it daily. Plenty of history, architecture, nature, and more.